Uber vs Ola – Which is Better and Why?

In the race of Ola vs Uber; who is leading is Uber or Ola can’t be easily predicted. There are enormous reasons to debate on or prove which is the best Uber or Ola. Uber vs Ola rates is much cheaper. Uber costs about 15% less than that of Ola. If we compare Ola and Uber; then the cars that Uber provides are much better and luxurious than that of Ola. Uber vs Ola cabs are much convenient and the drivers seem more professional. Talking about the Ola vs Uber market share; Uber heads in the supremacy of the market but the market share of Ola is more.

Still to decide Ola or Uber which is better; let’s analyze some of the points to know which is better Ola or Uber and they are as follows:

  • Uber holds more money than Ola in the bank for valuation.
  • The algorithms of routing are far much better of Uber than the Ola.
  • Fares are quite high of Ola than Uber.
  • To head to the trip, the customer does not require an OTP like Ola. Hence, Uber is quite convenient.
  • Uber tends to promote for the other companies as well rather than Ola which prefers to build up its own in-house

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  • If the Uber takes up the third passenger it tends to give 10% discount on the uber pool fare which is not facilitated by Ola.
  • Ola cab is operational in about 100 cities. It provides for a number of jobs like that in the technology, management, and operations and if stopped it would affect the people socially.
  • Ola is basically operational in many of the sectors like that of micro, Share, prime, rentals, outstation, Bike, shuttle etc. On the other hand, Uber is not involved in varied sectors.
  • Ola provides for another chance to the drivers of Uber who does possess poor ratings to sustain their livelihood.
  • Ola is basically an Indian company with the Indian promoters.
  • In Uber, a customer just has to swipe or click and the car comes to the location whereas in Ola it is often that there have to make a number of calls to explain the location of the customer which sometimes becomes annoying.
  • Opinion from the registered drivers of both Ola and Uber; the driver who just knows driving can be a driver in Ola but to be a driver in Uber, the driver has to pass certain quality checks.

We have seen the Uber vs Ola competitor analysis and could easily make out which is better Ola or Uber for business and you have got a bit idea on Uber or Ola which is better.

Ola vs Uber Price

Ola is operational in most of the cities of India and possesses more of the cars than that of Uber and was the earlier start-up, therefore known to many people. Uber stepped in this field later and has come to be known to people quite late. By that time Ola has made many of its customers. But when Uber came into being, people started liking it as Uber managed good cars with professional drivers and its app is very easy to operate and cars reach on the mentioned location on time. In Ola, it was a troublesome thing, a lot of calls had to be managed sometimes to explain to the driver the location.

Talking about the rates, Uber is quite cheap from that of Ola. Where Ubergo costs Rs 6 per kilometre in Chennai, Rs 7 per kilometre in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and Rs 8 per kilometre in Mumbai. Ola mini costs Rs 8 per kilometre in that of Delhi, Rs 10 per kilometre in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai and Rs 11 per Kilometer in Mumbai and minimum Rs 100 for the first 4 kilometres. On the other hand, Uber charges minimum Rs 60 for first four kilometres. Hence, these were the Ola vs uber rates and you can now easily make up Uber or Ola which is cheaper.

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Uber vs Ola Pros

  • Quality of the car provided by the Uber is far much better.
  • Drivers of the Uber are professional than that of Ola and also more courteous.
  • Uber facilitates the customers to pay either in cash or through Paytm but in Ola, if it’s not cash then it will ask you through the Ola money.
  • Professional customer support with weekly notifications along with the promotions
  • Uber’s GUI is quite nice then that of Ola.

Uber vs Ola Cons

Ola can be found in most of the cities, but in some places, you won’t find Uber. Hence Ola shares a large market.


From the article, you must have got the clear idea about Ola cab vs Uber and must be aware which is cheaper Ola or Uber. Therefore whenever you plan a ride, keep the above points in mind and see what is suitable for you. Ola and Uber both have their pros and cons but it depends on the condition, whether the person is looking for a cheaper ride or luxurious ride but also the important factor is the availability of which cab in the location. Therefore make your choice and choose what best suits you. We have tried to provide you with the entire information about Ola and Uber so that you can well distinguish between them and choose the best between the two as per your convenience.

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