Uber vs Ola – Which is Better and Why?

In the race of Ola vs Uber; who is leading is Uber or Ola can’t be easily predicted. There are enormous reasons to debate on or prove which is the best Uber or Ola. Uber vs Ola rates is much cheaper. Uber costs about 15% less than that of Ola. If we compare Ola and Uber; then the cars that Uber provides are much better and luxurious than that of Ola. Uber vs Ola cabs are much convenient and the drivers seem more professional. Talking about the Ola vs Uber market share; Uber heads in the supremacy of the market but the market share of Ola is more.

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How Your Relationship Might Get Spoiled By Cheesy Pickup Lines

One of the most daring& risky job in this world is to approach the one for whom your heart beats loud and you feel the pleasing breeze all around you, especially when you’re approaching a sweet and beautiful lady. We call it risky for the reason that, you never know the reaction of girls, you may either be blessed with a smile or a slap, well, it’s all up to you. If you believe in these anonymous words, “first impression is the last impression”, you’ve to take extra care for impressing her to leave your forever impression on her heart & soul. Most of the people take ways to use cheesy pickup lines to lift their popsy, finding it an easy and evergreen approach but since not every yellow thing is gold, cheesy pickup lines also have a darker side.

As long as there’re singles, there exists cheesy pickup lines which might not work for life-long relationships because then there comes a lot of things into the picture but yes, at least you’ll be benefitted for your weekend date. Even in the presence of dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, pickup lines are still in. Of course, the feelings of matching of eyes and beating of hearts could never be replaced by Continue reading “How Your Relationship Might Get Spoiled By Cheesy Pickup Lines”

Top Benefits Of Commitments While You Are In Relationship With Someone

Dating is now no more about stalking and passing by her streets every day, it’s all now just a matter of a swipe on her tinder picture. Android has brought revolutionary dating applications at our fingertip that brings the ocean of singles around the globe and you just need to choose in which direction to dive in. Meeting someone online and start texting with is the way most of us are dating these days. While trending on dating apps, your bio and profile is the only source to get to know about you at the first instance. So, be careful while summing up you in few sentences. We’ve worked out and brainstorm on 10 things to never write in an online dating profile.

Top Benefits Of Commitments While You Are In Relationship With Someone

Choose the Best Words and Give Them the Reason to Swipe for You

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